Limonaie to watch the lake from a different perspective

The limonaia

Sunny beaches, a mild climate and Mediterranean vegetation make lake Garda look like a small sea, set at the juncture of the Po plain and the Alpine foreland.
Lake Garda, the largest Italian lake, is pre-eminently a place where nature, art, culture, sport and a healthy way of life mingle together, offering a unique welcome of tourists. In this wonderful setting the lemon gardens represent an extraordinary reality.

They have attracted the attention of artists, scholars and writers from all over the continent and represent a sort of parlour of nature. Citrus cultivation has greatly influenced the Lake Garda economy over the past countries.
The lemon houses were a first constructed by wealthy people on their great estates in the 15th century, or perhaps earlier, in conjunction with the villas, at first for aesthetic enjoyment.

The great perception and the ability of the inhabitants of the Riviera turned the citrus plantations into a prosperous business.
Consequently Lake Garda became the most northern area in the world devoted to citrus fruit cultivation.
Today only some remains testify to this natural and agricultural beauty. 


A part of the book "The Lemon Gardens of Lake Garda from the past to the present" of Leila Losi